The music played and the way it is played can make or break a wedding reception and music also sets the mood/attitudes of those attending the wedding reception which has an effect on the pictures taken at the wedding reception. So let’s looks at the benefits of each one:


• Human interaction
• Experience
• Licensed and insured for liability
• Extensive music selection


• A bit less expensive then having a DJ

An iPod is Less Expensive

Yes, an iPod is less expensive, but, by the time you download all the music you want, take the time to organize the music, and rent the sound system to connect the iPod to (you can’t use those little speakers that are on your computer), you may come out cheaper hiring a DJ.

Guaranteed to have your music selections

“Since it’s my iPod, I know the music will be what I want to hear.” When you hire the DJ company, you need to see if their personality is a match to yours.  If you are the “laid back” type, then a DJ that is “wild and crazy” would not be a good fit. If you like Jazz and Classical, then a DJ that plays Rap and Hip Hop would certainly not work for you. One of the things you should do during the interview process is have an idea of the music you like and see if he already has it in his collection. Just like with everything else on your wedding day, the DJ works for you and therefore should be ready to play what you want. Yes, he can offer his opinion, but the ultimate decision is yours keeping in mind that there will be other guests with different music tastes than the couple.

Human Interaction and DJ Experience

Hiring a DJ with experience is better than using an iPod because the DJ can survey the crowd and determine what will keep people on the dance floor. If you have an older group at your wedding reception, then playing something from MTV will either keep them in their seats or help them find the door. On the other side of that issue, if you have a younger crowd, playing something by Frank Sinatra is a sure fire way to empty the dance floor. With a professional DJ, you also get someone who can make announcements and help with the flow of the wedding reception. From the entrance of the bride and groom, to the first dance, to the bouquet toss, to the exit, a professional DJ and keep the evening flowing and consistent.

With an iPod, you have to get someone to “man” it and that person will not have the experience to properly work the sound system and may not have the personality to interact with your audience. The DJ can also do a better job of mixing/blending the music to keep people on the dance floor without the “dead air” you would get from waiting on the next song on your iPod.


When you hire a professional DJ, you are getting someone that gives you one less thing to worry about that day. You won’t have to worry about your friends that want to surf your iPod and argue over which song to play next, or who has more experience with the iPod.  You also don’t have to worry if the battery you thought you charged goes out in the middle of a song or if the iPod itself stops playing. Consider this as well; what if one of the speakers on that rented equipment were to blow out or fall over? Who is going to cover that? The person that rented it!  the professional DJ is insured and takes care of that for you.

Keep in mind also that no matter how much you plan for, something else can happen to completely change those plans. A professional DJ is prepared for almost any circumstance and can adjust because of their experience.