Choosing The Right Social Hall

If you are researching a hall for your social, we would love to give you some ideas of what to look for to help create an successful event. Everyone that books a hall starts with three things: location, capacity & cost. There is so much more to consider. Here are some key things to look [...]

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Partnering with Dream Day Décor & Specialty Linen

We are excited to join Dream Day Décor & Specialty Linen in a fabulous new 12000 square foot space that has a 4000 square foot showroom attached. We had been currently in a much smaller space on Marion but were limited in what we could showcase to potential clients. With this new location, Dream Day [...]

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DJ vs. iPod at the Reception

The music played and the way it is played can make or break a wedding reception and music also sets the mood/attitudes of those attending the wedding reception which has an effect on the pictures taken at the wedding reception. So let's looks at the benefits of each one: DJ • Human interaction • Experience [...]

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Wedding Theme Ideas

As a DJ, I've been blessed to witness a variety of amazing celebrations.  Of all the different family and ethnic traditions and ceremonies, the one thing that all the best weddings have in common, no matter the budget, is that the relationships are the primary focus. There are few times in life where you'll be [...]

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